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    33Help Desk tracks defects, enhancement requests and tasks for TNG and TNG content. All Classic issues should continue to be tracked in the original HelpDesk system as that system contains a rich issues history that we do not want to lose. 
     5== Ticket Workflow == 
     7 * '''New.''' This is a new ticket. The ticket has been assigned to someone to work on, but that someone has not yet accepted the ticket and is not yet working on resolving it. 
     8 * '''Accept.''' This ticket has been assigned to someone but that someone has not yet accepted the ticket. You must accept a ticket that is assigned to you to let the person who created the ticket know that you are now aware of the ticket and are working on it. 
     9 * '''Assigned.''' Work on this ticket has begun. The ticket is in process. 
     10 * '''Submit for follow-up.''' You have completed the work for this ticket. Choose the person who should follow-up on the ticket and submit the ticket for follow-up.  
     11 * '''Follow-Up.''' Work on this ticket is now complete. This is the QA/testing step. You should follow-up to make sure that everything was resolved in a complete and satisfactory manner and that the ticket's original reporter has been notified of the resolution. 
     12 * '''Resolve as Fixed.''' This ticket is complete. Work has been completed, tested/verified, and the original ticket reporter has been notified. Choose a resolution status for the ticket: fixed, invalid, wontfix, duplicate or worksforme. 
     13 * '''Closed.''' This ticket is closed. If necessary, the ticket can be reopened. 
     16If a ticket is reassigned, the status changes to '''New''' and the new owner must accept the ticket.