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    88existing Agile Mind '''Admin''' system ( to manage district and school configurations 
    99and manage classes and enrollments. 
     11== System Overview and Workflow Timelines == 
     13There are 3 principal elements in our current system for supporting TNG operations: 
     15  1. the '''Admin''' system and its district databases for managing districts, classes, enrollments, etc 
     17  2. the TNG LMS servers and their databases 
     19  3. the TNG warehouse database that supports Admin usage reports 
     21The workflow and data flow forward through these three system elements with nightly maintenance updates 
     22to push data and changes through the system.  The current nightly sync process means that in some cases 
     23there are delays between when something happens and when it shows up on a LMS: 
     25   * changes to schools, districts, classes, user accounts, and enrollment made on the '''Admin''' system are synced nightly and are available on the LMS the next day 
     27   * LMS data with participant updates and user usage activity data are synced nightly to the TNG warehouse and available for Admin usage reports the next day 
     29Note that these two distinct date sync stages mean that changes in classes and user accounts will not be available on the warehouse Admin reports until the second day after changes are entered on the '''Admin''' system.