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     1= Help Desk Ticket Fields = 
     4'''Agile Minder/School Contact'''[[BR]] 
     5Type the name of your Agile Minder/School Contact for this issue. 
     8Select a browser and OS from the drop-down list. This information is critical for resolving defects. 
     10'''Call Time'''[[BR]] 
     11When was this issue first reported? Choose one of the following: School Hours, After Hours, Weekend or Holiday. 
     14Type the Help Desk user names of the people you want to CC on this ticket. These people will be notified when the ticket is created and anytime that it is updated. As the person creating the ticket, you are automatically added to this CC list. You can add multiple people to the CC list-- simply separate their user names with commas. 
     16'''Contact Email'''[[BR]] 
     17Type the email address for your Agile Minder/School Contact for this issue. 
     19'''Contact Phone'''[[BR]] 
     20Type the phone number for your Agile Minder/School Contact for this issue.Phone numbers should be added using the following format: 111-222-3333 
     23Explain the issue in detail here. Use the formatting buttons to the right of the Description label to format your description quickly. 
     25'''District: School'''[[BR]] 
     26Select a district:school combination from the drop-down list. This list is updated monthly, on approximately the second business day of the month. If the issue does not apply to a single district:school, select N/A from the drop-down list. 
     28'''Group Supporter'''[[BR]] 
     29Select a Group Supporter from the drop-down list 
     32Keywords are optional and can be used to flag a ticket for custom reporting. Keywords should be used sparingly, if at all, to preserve their efficacy. 
     34'''Method Used to Report Issue'''[[BR]] 
     35How was this issue reported? Choose from the drop-down list: Phone, Email, Advisor Service or Seminar, We Page or Other. 
     38Set the issue priority by choosing a priority from the drop-down: Critical, High, Medium or Low. Issues are typically resolved in order of priority. 
     41Select the state where the District:School is located. 
     44Help Desk will use what you type here as a title field. The summary field should summarize the issue in a few words-- readers should be able to understand the gist of the issue without needing to click in and read the entire ticket. 
     47What type of ticket are you opening? Is this a defect (a bug or something else wrong with the existing TNG software or existing TNG content), an enhancement (such as a new feature or new content that you would like to see developed), or a task. 
     50What is the TNG URL used by the District:School you selected? This is particularly useful information for troubleshooting issues.