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AFTER HOURS PROCESS/ON CALL REVISED 09/29/09 In order to provide excellence in service execution, please follow the process described below. There are two separate processes; one process for the Phone Procedures and one for E-mail Procedures. Please print and carry these procedures with you. GENERAL GUIDELINES There are three main duties of the person assigned for After Hours Support and On-Call. These duties are: 1) After Hours Support (see hours below) 2) E-Care Support after hours and during business hours 3) Voice Mail Support after hours and during business hours The telephone should be carried with you at all times when you are scheduled. Please be within 30 to 45 minutes of a computer while you are scheduled. The hours of support are 7AM to 10PM, 7 days/week. Currently, we have in-office coverage from 7AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. Under normal business conditions, the After Hours coverage for phone and email are: DAY OF WEEK AFTER HOURS OF OPERATION Monday 6PM to 10PM Tuesday 6PM to 10PM Wednesday 76M to 10PM Thursday 6PM to 10PM Friday 6PM to 10PM Saturday 7AM to 10PM Sunday 7AM to 10PM


Telephone Number for after hours phone: 817-821-7583 Voice Mail Passcode: 4444

1) Follow General Guidelines listed above 2) If unable to answer the phone, respond to voice mails within 15 minutes. 3) To retrieve messages: a) Press and hold the “1” button until the screen displays “Calling Voice Mailbox”. b) Enter 4444 when prompted for password. 4) If unable to retrieve messages directly from the on-call phone, follow the instructions below to retrieve messages: a) Dial 817-821-7583 from another phone. b) When you hear the greeting, press the asterisk (*). c) Enter 4444 when prompted for password.


Email: User ID: support@… Password: !4support

1) Follow General Guidelines a) Check email box a minimum of once per hour b) Respond to all requests. 2) Process: a) Retrieve email b) Enter TRAC trouble ticket following TRAC procedures. c) Close TRAC ticket after resolved. d) Once support request is completed, move email to Trash.

VOICE MAIL SUPPORT 1) Follow general guidelines: a) Check voice mail box a minimum of once per hour, more frequently if the phones are busy b) Retrieve message and delete c) Return message or forward appropriately 2) Process: a) Dial Main Phone Number (817-329-2223) b) Press 9 when you hear the greeting c) Enter the voice mail box number: 3085 d) Enter the password: 1234 e) Follow the general guidelines listed above

SERVICE LEVEL GOALS: 1) Respond to phone calls within 15 minutes. 2) Check emails a minimum of one time per hour. 3) Respond to all emails within 15 minutes after they are checked. 4) Move competed email request to Trash